14 Essential Data Studio Visualizations for Paid Search Marketers

14 Essential Data Studio Visualizations for Paid Search Marketers

These 14 data studio visualizations are easy to create and provide clear, high-value data and insights for your clients and leadership teams.

KPIs for Digital Marketing | How to Evaluate Your Marketing Performance

We are going to break down the most important KPIs for digital marketing. I will teach you how to evaluate marketing performance for each individual channel and for your overall business & marketing funnel. Template & dashboards included.

► Part 2: Performance Marketing (Conversion-Based Marketing): https://youtu.be/Je_sl8YTjoU

⬇️ Digital Marketing Dashboard (from video) Free Template: http://bit.ly/mktgKPIs_mlchmp

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In this video, we will learn how to understand the performance of each marketing channel as well as the performance of our overall marketing funnel using digital marketing KPIs.

We will build simple marketing dashboards that can be used in real life, as well as look at some case studies and talk about common pitfalls.

I’ve seen many times battles within companies to cut marketing spend from one channel to add to another, only to have these reallocations backfire and the performance ends up being worse than before. Why?

Because digital marketing performance is hard to understand if you aren’t using the right KPIs, focusing on overall blended CAC, and thinking about the overall marketing funnel.

It is very easy to oversimplify marketing performance and make poor decisions about what is working and what is not.

We will cover all of this using real-life examples and discussions.


0:27 goals for evaluating digital marketing performance: CAC vs. LTV
1:20 who this video is for
1:49 explanation of the marketing funnel (top, mid, bottom)
5:20 what is customer acquisition cost (CAC) & why is it important
6:37 differences in CAC between parts of the funnel
7:46 case study e-commerce: common pitfalls when allocating ad spend
9:07 paid digital marketing dashboard
14:43 paid vs. organic vs. blended customers
15:13 overall digital marketing dashboard (blended)
17:53 recommendation for budget allocation to top vs. bottom of funnel
18:58 what is a good CAC & how much can we afford to spend on marketing?
19:34 customer lifetime value example – LTV vs. CAC case study

By the end of this video, you will understand the most important KPIs for evaluating digital marketing in real-life situations.

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Interactive Dashboards with Google Data Studio | Lesson 7

This is the final lesson of our beginner course for Google Data Studio. In it, Ahmad is going to show us how to make our final Dashboards and Reports interactive, so our users can explore the data for themselves.

So that’s a wrap, once you finish this lesson, you should be ready to take the exam linked below. Once you pass it you’ll be rewarded with an official Data Studio for Beginners certification.

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Best BI Tool For Beginners? – Google Data Studio Review

Looking to go beyond Excel and get started in Business Intelligence? In this video I review Google Data Studio. Is it the best BI tool for beginners? Can it compete with Tableau, Power BI and other more established BI tools? Or is it just for Google Analytics, Google Ads, social media marketing etc?

I hope you found this video useful. If you’d like to get a free preview of my new online course, The Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio, just click here ➡️ https://www.vitaminbi.education

00:00 Introduction
01:06 Connectors
03:09 Data Management
05:46 Calculations
08:09 Data Visualisation
11:13 Interactivity
12:41 Publishing
13:43 Verdict

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How to Use Advanced Date Ranges in Data Studio (New!)

Save time and make better visualizations with these custom date options in Data Studio.

Advanced date range dimensions and comparisons is a new and welcome feature – see how to “set it and forget it” to speed up your reports.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about at 6:00 when I say you’ll want to “export it,” here’s what I mean:

If you export the report as a PDF then you’ll have a snapshot with all the data relative to your time period. If you do nothing and just rely on your live Data Studio dashboard, then each month your report will be overridden. Hope that makes sense!

Learn more about dates in reports in Data Studio from the official release: https://support.google.com/datastudio/answer/9272806#date_comparison

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