Can an Automatic Reload Script Hurt SEO?

Can an Automatic Reload Script Hurt SEO?

While reloading a script automatically doesn't affect SEO, it's still a bad idea overall. Here's why it's not worth the short-term revenue gains.

THE KNOWLEDGE PANEL Episode #4: How can Javascript help (and hurt) your SEO?

With Dixon Jones, Martin Splitt & Stewart Mohammadi

AUTOMATE Your Google Search Console Data Pulls

Automating your Google Search Console data imports into Google Sheets has NEVER been easier with this customized Sidebar UI that lets ANYONE set up and manage this automation.
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▶︎Video Chapters◀︎
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Why should you automate your search console data pulls?
1:32 – What is SEO?
1:56 – Key metrics for measuring your SEO performance
2:37 – How your changes affect your SEO Score
3:32 – The known issue with search console data!
4:06 – The answer is the search console API
4:52 – How to get to daily automated data pulls
5:42 – But what if you don’t know how to code?!
5:57 – LEVELED UP build with a custom sidebar
6:52 – Things you’ll need to set up the automation
7:22 – Get the code for FREE
7:38 – SECRET Promo Code
8:07 – Wrap up

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5 Minute Python Scripts – Website Auto Visitor – Full Code along walkthrough

Python Code along tutorial to create a script that will auto visit websites, include a time delay, and close tabs. Full step by step walkthrough.

Python Automation Tutorial

Quality of Life Python Coding
GitHub link for PyKeyBoard:

Quartz download for Mac:
* Windows users will have a different requirement for PyKeyBoard – it’s listed in the PyKeyBoard Requirements section on Github

My Website:

GitHub Code:

import webbrowser
import time
from pykeyboard import PyKeyboard

count = 0
urls = [‘’,’’,’’]
k = PyKeyboard()

while count != 100:
for url in urls:, new=0)
count = count + 1


While loop your blog to increase your blog post views
Set up a morning routine which opens all your favorite webpages
Continuously check stock tickers
Refresh the same pages over and over
Plenty of more – Get creative!

As always, if any questions let me know.

How Google Search indexes JavaScript sites – JavaScript SEO

Martin Splitt, Webmaster Trends Analyst, explains how JavaScript influences SEO and how to optimize your JavaScript-powered website to be search-friendly.

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