Google Search Console Adds More Detail to Error Reports

Google Search Console Adds More Detail to Error Reports

Google is updating the rich results error reports in Search Console with additional details that should assist with resolving specific issues.

Google Search Console: What should I do with old 404 errors?

In this episode of SEO Snippets, John Mueller gives you the best way to deal with those 404 errors.

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Google Page Experience Desktop, Search Console Errors, IndexNow, Local Map Interactive & Ads Russia

This week in search, I reported how the Google page experience update for desktop has been fully rolled out. I also posted my monthly Google webmaster recap, for you all to check out and catch up with. Google Search Console’s URL Inspection tool is erroring out for some folks. Alan Kent from Google said no worries on merchants trying to fake the Shopping experience scorecard metrics, Google has ways to verify the metrics and will penalize merchants that try. IndexNow has grown with integration from Duda and a couple new SEO plugins but Yoast’s founder is not too optimistic about it. Google said it does not use the disavow files to discover link networks. Google spoke about the issues with translated content and garbage parameters in URLs. If you block users in the US, you need to block Google as well. Don’t forget, there are not more eligibility requirements for showing up in top stores. Google’s local pack map is now an interactive map. Google is showing how the business details are confirmed in the local listings. Google business profiles may require double verification. Google is testing a search bar filter at the top right section. Google is testing dropped the estimated results. Google has an upcoming SEO workshop with its internal SEOs and the Search Central unconference is coming later this month. Most people think Google will remain dominate over the next ten years. Google has pauses all ads from serving in Russia temporarily. Anton Shulke, a beloved SEM, is in Kyiv, Ukraine, trying to live a normal life but also making badges out of bedding – praying for you all. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – Google Page Experience Update For Desktop Done Rolling Out :
1:44 – March 2022 Google Webmaster Report :
1:52 – Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool Errors :
2:31 – Google: We Mechanisms To Verify Merchant Experience Scorecard Metrics :
3:08 – IndexNow Added To Duda, All In One WordPress & Rank Math SEO Plugins :
3:30 – Yoast Founder: IndexNow Doesn’t Lead To More Traffic Or Improved Crawl Efficiency :
4:33 – Google Does Not Use Disavow Files To Target Link Networks :
4:49 – Google: Translated Content & Garbage Parameters In URLs :
5:22 – PSA: Blocking USA Users But Allowing Googlebot Is Against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines :
5:52 – PSA: Google Top Stories Eligibility For All Pages, Not Just AMP Or Good Page Experience Scores :
6:15 – Google Search Local Pack Is Now Interactive (Not A Static Map) :
6:39 – Google Local Panel Showing Confirmed By Phone Call (Duplex Related) :
6:50 – Google Business Profiles May Require Additional Verification :
7:10 – Google Tests Search Bar Filters & Options On Top Right Side :
7:17 – Google Tests Removing Estimated Number Of Search Results :
7:29 – Google Internal SEO Experts Hosting SEO Workshop – Is That Okay? :
7:52 – Google Search Central Virtual Unconference Back Returns For 2022 :
8:11 – Survey Says Google Will Remain Dominate In 10 Years :
8:36 – Google Temporarily Pauses All Ads In Serving In Russia :
8:54 – Anton Shulke In Kyiv Making Bandages Out Of Bedding :
9:21 – Conclusion

How to Add Google Search Console

See how to easily add your website to the Google Search Console so you can have more of an impact on how Google sees your site and to take more control over your SEO.

1) Go to
2) Click the button “ADD A PROPERTY” and add your website’s URL to the field in the pop-up and click “ADD.”
3) On the next screen, click the “Alternative methods” tab and choose “HTML tag” in the list.
4) Copy the tag given to you. Do not close the window.
5) In another tab, log in to the Webnode website you would like to add and open the “PAGES” menu in your editor.
6) Make sure you are editing your homepage and click “SEO page settings” to expand those options.
7) Scroll to “Custom HTML header code” and paste the code you copied from Google Search Console, close the window and publish your website.
8) Go back to the Google Search Console tab and click “VERIFY.”
9) Now click “Continue.” Your website is now verified with Google. You will be taken to the dashboard for your website.
10) Click “Sitemaps” and then the button “ADD/TEST SITEMAP.”
11) Add “sitemap.xml” to the field after your website’s URL and click “Submit.” Google will now begin to look at your website and create a profile.

For more help, please see our step-by-step guide in Webnode’s Knowledgebase:

How to Fix Page with Redirect Errors – NEW Search Console

Video tutorial showing how to fix Page with redirect errors in Google Search Console Page indexing reports.

Page with redirect basically means that Googlebot is having an issue because the URL it tried to index is sending the user-agent to REDIRECTED URL thus Google can not index it. To learn more about fixing Page with redirect issues visit the Google Search Console help section here:

New Search Console Page indexing tutorials and best practices highlighted here:

More insights for fixing Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag