How To Easily Search For Tweets By Date On Twitter

How To Easily Search For Tweets By Date On Twitter

Are you wondering what your first tweets were like and how much engagement they received? Here's how you can search for tweets on Twitter.

How to Search Twitter by Date

Very often you need to find your own Twitter post that you’ve posted couple of month ago. What to do if the only thing that you remember is the post date?

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Introduction: In this tutorial you will learn how to search Twitter by date

There is a free third-party application that addresses your issue.

Step 1:

Go to www. This is the webpage with the application that searches your old tweets.

Step 2:

Click “Sign in with Twitter.”

Step 3:

The next page will display you the list of your Tweets. In the upper left part of the page, type in the exact date or month of tweet you want to search for.

Step 4:

Click “Search”. You’ll be displayed all the corresponding results.

Result: Congratulations! You have just learned how to search Twitter by date.

How To See & Extract Old Tweets On Twitter – Find Tweets By Date (V Easy)

Hi, all welcome to gblogy. In this video brought to you by GB Logy, I will show you how to see old tweets on Twitter. Twitter is the best social media platform to share your views and you can simply tweet on Twitter with just one click. But many times you want to Search Tweet by Date on Twitter and if you didn’t found a way to do so then here is the video to Find Tweets By Date. I have talked about botster, and you can not only search for your old tweets but can also export tweets to excel directly. Hope you liked the video.
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Find Old Tweets From Someone by Date on 2022!

Want to find a really old tweet of someone? In this video, we will show you how to find old tweets from iPhone and Android Phones. This way you could find tweets from a specific dates.

0:00 Opening
0:18 Find Old Tweets From Someone by Date
2:06 Ending

How To Search For Old Tweets By Date From a Specific User On Twitter

In this video i’ll show you how to search for old tweets by date from a specific user on Twitter and you will be able to find someone’s old tweets easily in 2021.
You might want to search for old tweets from someone else on Twitter but you can’t just keep scrolling until you reach that tweet and specially if that person posts a lot so the only solution for you to find them is to use google queries that will let you display only tweets from a specific person and after you can customize the search date to sort them by an exact date that you want.

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