The PPC Dilemma: Why Your Agency’s Growth Is Limited & How To Fix It

The PPC Dilemma: Why Your Agency’s Growth Is Limited & How To Fix It

Do you want to offer top-notch PPC management without depriving your most lucrative offerings? Understand the PPC Dilemma and how to fix it.

#UnderTheSurface – Episode 25: Our White Label PPC Solution

White Label PPC Solution is our agency program, an all-in-one partnership. This includes our PPC services, teams, and tools that come together to deliver a complete management experience. Designed to alleviate everyday agency struggles, this permits clients to focus on their portfolio and services. Watch this episode to learn more about our program and what happens #UnderTheSurface of White Shark Media!


We are the leading Digital Marketing Agency with more than ten years of experience in the PPC industry. We service agencies looking for an entirely white label solution, franchises, and end-advertisers.

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Diginius PPC Agency Partner Program

The Diginius Partner Program gives agencies access to high level support across the digital marketing spectrum. It also provides agencies with the Diginius Insight Software, an innovative suite of tools for PPC agencies, that helps you earn more.

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How to Choose a PPC Agency | 6 Decision-Making Factors and More

Not sure how to choose a PPC agency? This video featuring Amy from the WebFX Internet Marketing team can help!

Hiring the right PPC experts for your business can lead to increased conversions, more leads, and a boost in your revenue. We put together a list of six factors you should consider to help guide you through your decision-making process. In addition, we have some advice for creating a list of top agencies to evaluate.

A PPC agency is a business that manages your PPC (pay-per-click advertising) campaigns. While what you get with a PPC management package may vary from agency to agency, you can generally expect whoever you work with to:
�� Research your business and the surrounding environment
�� Develop and launch campaign strategies
�� Write ad copy
�� Manage your bids and budget
�� Track campaign performance

Your agency may provide design services, such as ad creation or landing page design, or they may create videos and animations. What you can do with your PPC campaigns depends a lot on what the agency offers.

Before reaching out to an agency, make sure you know what you want to achieve with your ads and how much you can spend. This will help you narrow down the list of qualified teams you can work with.

Finding the right PPC management team doesn’t have to be hard! If you’d like to partner with our team at WebFX, learn more about our services and pricing on our website:

⌚ Video timestamps:
Introduction // 00:00:00
What is a PPC agency? // 00:00:36
How to find a list of agencies // 00:02:05
How to choose your agency – 6 factors // 00:03:10
Factor #1 – Services // 00:03:37
Factor #2 – Location // 00:04:25
Factor #3 – Transparency // 00:04:58
Factor #4 – Industry expertise // 00:05:43
Factor #5 – Pricing // 00:06:12
Factor #6 – Reviews/case studies // 00:06:55
Contact our team for PPC services // 00:07:25

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How To Scale A PPC Agency From The Ground Up

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