The SEO’s Introduction to Rendering

The SEO's Introduction to Rendering

If your content can't be rendered, then it doesn't contribute to how Google understands your site. Learn tips on how you can make rendering more effective.

RenderingNG: The next-generation rendering architecture for Chrome

RenderingNG is a re-architecture of the entire rendering pipeline of Chrome, for greatly improved reliability, scalability and extensibility. Listen in to find out how it works and why it makes the web better.

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3 Important SEO Hacks for React Developers

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1:04 What is SEO?
2:16 How Client Side Rendering Works?
3:28 Problem with Client Side Rendering
5:21 Option #1: Pre-Rendering
6:41 Option #2: Selective Pre-Rendering
7:41 Option #3: Server Side Rendering/ Server Side Generation
9:06 Conclusion
10:23 Outro

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Introduction to rendering | Rendering | Computer animation | Khan Academy

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Make your React web apps discoverable – JavaScript SEO

In this video of the JavaScript SEO series, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt shares how to make your React apps discoverable in search and how to avoid common problems you may encounter with a React app.

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